Circle: Milos TOS operating at Samer Seaports&Terminals and U.N. Ro-Ro.

MILAN ( – Circle confirms and streghtens its presence in the MED area thanks to the launch of the new version of Milos TOS Multipurpose system and to its full operativity in Trieste at Samer Seaports&Terminals and U.N. Ro-Ro., main Turkish operator recently hold in DFDS Group.

“The partnership with Samer Seaports&Terminals and DFDS-MED (U.N. Ro-Ro.) brings our Milos TOS system towards a new dimension", President and CEO of Circle Luca Abatello stated. "The main objective of the initiative that we support through our product is to digitize and streamline integrated customs, portand logistic processes, and the growth of Samer Seaports&Terminals results therefore represents a confirm of Circle's strategies”.